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We are proud to introduce our new line of wooden promotional products. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our large selection, we can probably make it. We create and manufacture all of our products, that gives us the opportunity to change the size, shape or engraving to suit your needs. If you have a specific products in mind, we can help you create it. Our selection includes birch,maple and live edge cutting boards, coasters, BBQ scrapers, wooden boxes, key chains, tongs, napkin holders, knife holder, phone stands, tasting trays, serving trays and much more. We sell promotional products to distributors only, not the end user. You can also find our products on ASI and SAGE.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or to get a virtual.

Price includes 1”x 3” laser engraving.

 Set up charge for laser engraving $85.00 (C).





2021 Catalogue – Canada

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Vous trouverez dans cette page les questions qui nous sont le plus souvent posées concernant nos produits

La norme est que pour chaque pied de toit continu, la coupole devrait être de 1″ à 1 1/2″ de large. Généralement, il est préférable et plus attrayant d’avoir une coupole plus large relativement à cette norme.

Tout contracteur en toiture sera capable d’installer votre coupole pour vous. Missisquoi Cupola n’offre pas ce service, mais nous sommes disposés et heureux de vous offrir toutes les instructions nécessaire à son installation.

Une coupole est une excellente alternative aux systèmes de ventilation de toît moderne parce qu’il procure une circulation d’air bien meilleur afin de réduire l’humidité de l’entre-toît. Elles peuvent également être utilisées à des fins décoratives en  ajoutant une touche traditionnelle à n’importe quelle maison, grange ou garage.

Nous livrons au coût de 150 $ dans un rayon de 100km.

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers that are most frequently asked us!

The rule-of-thumb is that for every foot of unbroken roofline, the cupola should be sized a minimum of 1″-1 1/2″ in width. Generally, it is better and more attractive to have a cupola that is larger rather than smaller, given this rule.

Any roofer or contractor will be able to install your cupola for you. Missisquoi Cupola does not offer this service, but we are happy to provide you with detailed instructions.

A cupola is an excellent alternative to modern ventilation systems as it allows superb air draw for reducing attic condensation. They may also be used purely for decorative purposes and add a touch of traditional character to any house, barn or garage.

We do deliver at a charge of $150 within a 100K radius.