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BBQ Scrapers

Safely and easily clean your BBQ grill with NO BRISTLES that can get in your food. Made of Canadian cedar and emits a pleasant cedar odor when cleaning. No scraping metal on metal and will not harm sensitive BBQ grill grate surface. Use the sharp edge initially to form contours that match your grill.

Price includes 1’’x 3’’ laser engraving

16-306 C              11.75’’x 3.5’’x 3/4’’

Quantity     50         100        250        500 

Price       $14.95   $13.25   $11.60   $9.95   (C)

16-406 C             14’’x 4.5’’x 3/4’’

Quantity     50         100        250        500 

Price      $18.25   $16.60   $14.45   $13.25   (C)

Magnetic knife holder

16-501 M            2.5”x 15’’x ¾’’

The Knifemate has 12 powerful rare earth magnets installed in the back of maple strip, so that you can place up to 6 knives easily on the rack. The strong magnets grip a wide range of knives in all shapes and sizes. The magnets used are some of the strongest available anywhere and are invisible from the front.  Keyhole slots are cut into the back for easy installation on wood or gyps surfaces.  Comes with installation instructions, together with screws and wall plugs. 2 inch x 2 inch Velcro strips are pre-installed for ceramic tile installation. Velcro provides superior holding power on smooth surfaces. Installation of the KNIFEMATE could not be simpler.  Knives are always clean compared to the traditional knife blocks that many people have on their counter. Imagine the dust, food crumbs and liquids that build up inside the slots of the knife block? When was the last time you are anyone you know cleaned the slots in a knife block?

Price includes laser engraving

Quantity     25             50         100          200 

Price      $35.00    $34.50    $33.50    $32.00   (C)

Bacon/Toasts tongue

16-301 M            9”x 1’’x ¾’’

Elegant yet strong hardwood bacon turners require only a gentle squeeze. The long tongs protect your hands from the heat. These practical tongs are cut from solid hardwood. Never flip your bacon or remove your toast with a fork again.

Price includes laser engraving

one side.

Quantity     100        250       500        1000 

Price       $8.50    $8.25     $8.00      $7.75   (C)


Napkin Holder

These practical napkin holders made of birch wood are perfect for home, buffets, restaurants, food trucks, and more. Gives your company exposure that will last for many years.

  • Custom shapes available upon request

* Price includes 1’’x 3’’ laser engraving on both sides

16-805 BB            5”x 6’’x 3’’

Quantity     50        100         250        500 

Price       $14.50   $14.00   $13.00   $12.00   (C)

16-807 BB

4.75’’x 4.75’’x 2.75’’

Quantity     50        100         250        500 

Price       $14.50   $14.00   $13.00   $12.00   (C)

16-809 BB

5.75’’x 5.75’’x 4’’

Quantity     50        100         250        500 

Price       $15.85   $15.35   $14.35   $13.35   (C)

Wine Glass Holder

16-801 BB            3”x 10.75’’x 3/8’’

Makes a great centerpiece for your dinner or wine tasting party. Give a twist to your cocktail or dinner events with our wine glass holder!

*Glasses not included


Quantity     100         250      500       1000 

Price         $5.00    $4.90    $4.70    $4.50   (C)

wine glass holder

Magnetic Bottle opener

16-901 M            3.75”x 9.75”x 2”

Canadian made magnetic wall opener that can be wall mounted using keyhole slots in back ( screws and wall plugs included) or magnetically installed on metal surfaces like fridge or truck box for those tailgate parties. Powerful magnets are pocketed in the back to catch the caps. Unlike hardwoods, Canadian cedar will not crack when used outdoors. Comes finished with food safe mineral oil. Each opener comes packaged in attractive box.
Quantity     100          250       500        1000 

Price         $39.60    $37.20    $35.40    $34.20   (C)


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